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公司简介  华立金属制品有限公司是专业从事钢丝及其制品生产的企业,公司位于江西省上饶市铅山县工业园区,紧邻沪昆高速、上武高速,京福高铁、浙赣铁路,横南铁路穿境而过,交通十分便利。公司占地56875平方米,注册资本1100万元。公司的生产设备先进,工艺流程科学,检测手段齐备,技术力量雄厚,管理体系完善。
Jiangxi Huali metal works Co, LTD is a professional manufacturer in steel wire and wire products. We are located in the industrial park of Yanshan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province Close to Shanghai-Kunming highway, Shangrao-Wuyishan highway and with Beijing-Fuzhou high speed railway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway and Hengfeng-Nanping Railway running through, we have convenient trans portation access. Covering an area of 56875 square meters, our company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. We have advanced production equipment, perfect monitoring means, advanced production technology abundant technical force and perfect management system.
Our main products are Lihua"spring steel wires and steel wire ropes for important purpose(such as 82 b, 80 group d hardening steel wires, 65 manganese, 70 group C quenching steel wires, different specificat ons of raw wires, 72 steel wires for mattress use, 65 manganese steel wires for screen use and 65 manganese 70 steel wires for non-machine use),including hundreds of specifications of structuring products
Marketing our products both home and abroad, we currently sell 75% of our products inland and export the rest into Southeast Europe, America and Southeast Asia, enjoying enormous markets. Building and maintaining the management system according to iSo9001: 2008 and IS014001: 2004 standards, we strive to accelerate the comprehensive development of the company, strengthen our capability for independent innovation, enhance the competitiveness of our products, and increase the economic and social benefits of our company by integrating scientific and technological progress and management innovation
We are committed to developing new products and orienting high -end products to substitute the imported products. Endeavoring to be the pioneer of the industry we are devoted to the establishment of a reasonable product structure, the improvement of the technological contents in our products and the expansion of our product markets, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of our company.